About us

Our company was born out of the need to supply innovative infrared and contactless thermometers that keep users safe and that can be used for a wide array of purposes. Our philosophy of offering the best, most innovative products backed by the best customer service available is largely what makes us successful as a company.

In order to be the best, we have had to always have the best product. Our infrared thermometer is known to have the best design and functionality overall in the Kenyan market today. Price does not lead our company nor is it in our mission statement. We are guided by providing the best quality at the best prices possible.

Our customer service guarantee

We have given our customers a service guarantee that we live by. First of all, our products are backed by a leading warranty that you will not find from others. Secondly, we know our products. If you happen to call us today you will speak to enthusiasts that will advise you on the best product or help you troubleshoot a problem.

Our commitment is to our customers and as such we go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with out services.

Call on us anytime for any enquiries or to place an order. We are at your service.