Infrared Thermometer Specifications
  • 2 temperature measurement modes body & surface
  • Measurement Time: 1 second
  • Weight: 148 g with batteries
  • Power: Uses two AAA batteries
  • Size 175 mm x 50 mm x 52 mm
  • LCD Display Resolution
  • Measuring Distance 3 cm - 5 cm (1.2 in - 2.0 in)
  • Automatic Power off 30 Secs
  • Body Temp Range: 32 - 42.9 Degrees C
  • CE, FDA, RoHS certified

About Infrared Thermometer

Looking for high quality infrared thermometers for sale in Kenya? You are in the right place. We offer tested, affordable quality non contact infrared thermometers that you have our full backup, support, guarantees and technical expertise with the purchase.

You can measure temperatures precisely from a safe distance without contact ensuring no cross infection. It's precise, safe and easy to operate.

Advantages of Infrared Thermometer

  • 1. Lightweight, portable and convenient to carry.
  • 2. Automatic storage of measured data, you can view the data of previous measurements at any time.
  • 3. One-second measurement and easy to use
  • 4. Aiming towards the forehead with the distance of 10-30mm.
  • 5. 2 Modes available: Body temperature and Objects' Surface temperature
  • 6. Data storage function: 32 memory records; 1 set reading recall
  • 7. Automatic shut off: in 20s if no any operation
  • 8. 2 Years service life span
  • 9. High safety performance: Infrared thermometer supports measuring temperature correctly without actual contact. This greatly reduces the risk of virus spread.
  • 10. The thermometer quickly measures temperature when the trigger is pressed.

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Choosing The

Infrared Thermometer Kenya

There are many instances where measurement of the temperature could be needed. From taking body temperatures of people to oven temperatures, there are many reasons why you might need a thermometer. If you have need for a thermometer, there is a better way to measure temperature other than conventional thermometers. Infrared thermometers in Kenya are the answer for people looking for a contactless and multipurpose thermometer.

TThe infrared thermometers are highly preferred because they are contactless. With this kind of a thermometer, you are able to measure temperature without coming into contact or coming close to the surface. This makes the thermometers highly multipurpose

Why Buy our Thermometers?

If you have been searching for infrared thermometers for sale in Nairobi, chances are you are confused on which thermometer is the best. Here are some benefits and features that place our products above the rest.

Ease of use – Our thermogun is extremely easy to use. You only have to aim the laser to the object or surface you want to take the temperature off, press the trigger and the temperature is given. The temperature is displayed in degrees Celsius, the unit of measurement used in our country but this can be changed to the units of choice. There isn't any complicated setup required when using the thermometer.

Display – for ease of reading the temperature, the thermometer comes with a lighted LCD display. The display provides clear visuals without any distractions. The temperature is displayed in large numbers for ease of reading and the backlight makes it easy to take readings at night.

Durability – some of the non-contact infrared thermometers in Kenya feel wobbly. The outer body of our thermometer is made using high grade industrial plastic that can survive falls from a high height. The thermometer will last for a long time even when subjected to outdoor use or brutal treatment.

Accuracy – the usefulness of a thermometer is measured in how accurate it is. To this end we provide highly accurate thermometers that will give you readings with an accuracy of 0.1degrees Celsius.There is also a flexible emissivity option from which you can change the sensitivity depending on the surface you are getting the temperature from.

Multipurpose – the infrared thermometers can be used for a wide array of purposes from cooking, industrial, hospital, computing and others where temperature measurement is needed. To enhance use in different areas, the thermometers have a really wide range so you can measure oven temperatures and other high temperatures without any worries.

Ergonomic handles – the ergonomic design allows users that have to handle the thermometer for long periods to work without fatigue.

Laser light – the thermometer comes with a laser sighting used to pinpoint the exact area or surface that you need the temperature for.

Safety – the high distance to spot ratio of our thermometer allows you to measure high temperatures safely from a distance. You can measure temperatures without exposing yourself to the risk of burns or contagion.

Instant – the accurate temperature of the surface you are measuring is displayed on the screen in just a second. Unlike in other thermometers where you have to wait longer, our thermometers are instant. You can also hold the reading for easy recording and restart when you press the trigger again.

Functionality – besides being easy to use, our thermoguns are also very functional. The gun like design makes it easy to point and take temperatures. On the side are simple controls that you can use to change the emissivity and other parameters of the thermometer. The LCD screen is strategically placed facing the user so you can immediately see the temperature reading.

Other features – other important features that you will enjoy include; a warranty, auto-off function, automatic data hold and low battery indicator. These features enhance the functionality of our product and ensure you get the best user experience and value for your money.

We are a renowned supplier and stockist of the best infrared thermometers in Kenya. Wondering what infrared thermometer cost in Kenya? Don't worry no more because we have partnered directly with manufacturers to ensure the best prices for you. Your search for infrared thermometer for sale in Nairobi is over today. Contact us to place your order today and have it shipped wherever you are in the country.